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Beginner Package

Beginner Package

From ฿11,000.00

9 Hours Discover Kitesurfing, Full IKO

Duration: 9 hrs – Spread over 3 days (3hrs per day). We always teach in groups wanting a group lesson of max 3 people. If there would not be any other students at that time you will get a private lesson for the same price = 6hrs.

Beginner Package at Accrokite Kite School

Discover kitesurfing, have fun and complete stages of full IKO

3 Day Beginner Package

Full beginner package 3 days 9h (3x3h) 11,000 baths/pers.

Duration: 9 hrs – Spread over 3 days (3hrs per day). We always teach in groups wanting a group lesson of max 3 people. If there would not be any other students at that time you will get a private lesson for the same price = 6hrs.

We have some of the BEST KITE LOCATIONS for beginners to learn here on Koph Phangan Island.  The conditions are perfect. Our flat water lagoon is great for absolute beginners and advanced riders alike!

This course is for anyone who wants to become an independent kitesurfer. This means having all of the theoretical and practical ‘know-how’ you need to be able to kite in a safe way. This will allow you to call yourself a real kite surfer and to kite in any kite spot in the world. What do you learn during the 3 days?

Beginner Package Overview

In this package, you learn everything you need right here on Koh Phangan with Accrokite. If you have done the discovery course before you will continue at the level you reached and progress to the next step. Compared to the discovery course here you will get a deeper insight into the theoretical and practical parts of kitesurfing. You will learn how to generate power with the kite and drag yourself through the water. After that, the fun really starts and it’s time to get the board. In this course, board riding will usually be the biggest part of the lesson. At this moment everything comes together. You will learn how to control the kite and generate power while you are keeping your balance on the board. Once you manage to do this you will feel amazing.

After you complete the full beginner course you will receive an IKO certificate (international kiteboarding organisation). This will allow you to kite and rent equipment in other schools around the world. Contact us below for more information!

What do you learn during the Beginner Package?

Basic knowledge about kitesurfing, the kite spots, wind and safety.

This is the theory part at the beginning of the lesson (about 15/20min). We will explain everything about kitesurfing, including rules in the water, wind directions, checking the spots, obstacles, and most important safety!

Learning The International Hand Signs & Right-of-Way Rules

When a kiteboarder is in distress and verbal communication is not possible, hand signals can be used to communicate with rescuers and other people.
Accidents happen all the time, and kiteboarders should be open to asking for help if anything goes wrong with their equipment and they’re injured and incapable of returning to shore.

So, if you’re trying to communicate with someone who is too far away, use the internationally standardized hand signals for kiteboarding defined by World Sailing.
There are ten different safety hand gestures that you can use to inform others of your current status or what you plan to do.

How To Setup The Kite

  • Pull the loop of the kite string
  • Pull the other end through the bottom of the loop
  • Pinch your thumb and forefinger together over the sides of the new loop
  • Connect the front lines to the leading edge
  • Connect the back lines to the trailing edge
  • Tighten the loops
  • Slide the loops towards the knot

How To Fly The Kite In Our Beginner Package

You will learn how to start with the kite, how to move with the lines and get tension in the canopy, then once it’s flying, you will have to learn the wind window from 9 am to 3 pm, enjoy!

How To Launch & Land The Kite

You will learn how to land your kite when you are done with your session, and launch again after your break!

How To Relaunch The Kite After It Falls On The Water (Water-Relaunch)

This exercise is one of the most technical, you will have to be very sensitive to the tension in the lines, to succeed in this exercise I always recommend to my students to relax, breathe and try!

How To Generate Power With The Kite In Our Beginner Package

Here you will go into the power zone with the kite! Be ready for some fun! A kite is very powerful, world champions are flying 25 to 35 meters high at the King of the air contest in Cap town in South Africa! Just to let you imagine it’s a building of 8 to 11 stairs! No, we won’t jump so high today but you will feel how powerful is a kite I promise! We start with somebody dragging going forward, then body bragging upwind on the next day!

How to use the power of the kite to drag your body through the water (body-dragging)

During this exercise, you will go into the power zone again with the kite and have fun!

The first body-dragging exercise is body-dragging downwind. You will have to keep control of the kite with 2 hands and start with the kite from 12 o’clock and dive to 2 o’clock on the right, when you feel the power of the kite in your harness, go forward on your stomach and keep your legs open to keep the balance. Then go back to 12 o’clock and dive now to 10 o’clock on your left to keep the kite generating power, doing beautiful figure heights in the air. You will Body brag on your stomach and go downwind.

Once you succeed in this exercise we can go on to the next one: Body bragging upwind as we continue with our beginner package!

This exercise is one of the most important exercises to manage as you will have to use it to recover your board when you lost it from the footsteps. We don’t teach kitesurf with a board leash as it’s extremely forbidden by IKO (International kiteboarding organisation), indeed many deadly accidents happened while using a board leash. It can tangle around your body or the board can hit your head after a hard crash with the tension generated on the leash.

So the body dragging upwind is very useful to pick up your board which will stay upwind of you, the kite pulling you downwind, if you stay static or try to swim backwards it’s not working at all, you will see the board farther and farther. The only way to pick it up is to Body brag on your right and left, side body, control 1 hand, dive the kite to 2 o’clock or 10 o’clock, then your body will be dragged in the water, keep your other arm straight in the water like fins to help you to go upwind, do some Z, 10 meters left and 10 meters right, always keep one eye on your board then you don’t lose it. Remember that in deep water with 20 knots of wind you can get 3 meters waves or more, very easy to lose your board… Once you manage this exercise you are ready to go on the next one.

Riding The Board (this will be the Biggest Part of the lesson in our Beginner Package)

Actually, the first exercise with the board is Body bragging with the board. This exercise is very similar to the body dragging upwind with one hand control, and taking your board with the other hand, dive your kite to 2 o’clock or 10 o’clock, then your body will be dragged in the water, keep your other arm with the board straight in the water to avoid having the board into the control bar of the kite, then you can body drag with your board to avoid an obstacle and reach a safe zone to water start on the board!

The second exercise with the board is the steady pull. This time you will go in the power zone with the kite with your feet connected on the board into the footsteps. So a very similar to exercise as the body dragging downwind + the board is connected. You will have to control the kite with one hand and try to set up your feet one by one into the footsteps. When you see your toes it means you are well connected to the board. Then take back control of the kite with 2 hands on the control bar. Then keep your legs flex and dive the kite to 2 o’clock or 10 o’clock to generate power, doing again beautiful figure heights in the air! The goal is to keep the board in front of you by using your legs and your hip! Not so easy you will see 🙂

Once you succeed in this exercise you can go on to the next one: The water start!

Self-Rescue In Our Beginner Package

This exercise is simply the most important to manage to be an independent kitesurfer! I met so many kitesurfers thinking to be independent and ready to rent equipment anywhere in the world, but once they get any trouble with the kite, they didn’t know anything about a self-rescue because they learned to kitesurf with a lazy friend or in school not affiliated to IKO (international kiteboarding organisation).
Kitesurfing can be a dangerous sport, but by learning with an experienced instructor and knowing about certain safety techniques the risk of injuring yourself or others can be greatly reduced.
Imagine you are out on the water and the wind suddenly dies down. Your kite is on the water and there is no way of getting it up in the air again and a long way back to shore. Or you have an issue with your kite and you have to pull your safety release. There are numerous ways how you can get into a situation like this and it can happen to beginners and to the most experienced kitesurfers out there. It is vital to know how to handle these situations and get back to land safely.


Price of Our Beginner Package

6h Private Lessons: 11,000 THB or 10h Private:17,000 THB
9h Group of 2: 11,000 THB/pers or 15h Group of 2 : 17000 THB

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