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Discovery Package

Discovery Package

From ฿4,000.00

Get your IKO License for free after a discovery course or full beginner package !

Then you can continue your training all around the world or rent equipment once you reached the level 3K (riding up wind)

2h Private class : 4000 THB
3h Group of 2 pers : 4000 THB/pers

Discovery Package at Accrokite Kite School

Learn Kitesurfing 1 Day Course

Want A Thrilling Day Out?

Discover kitesurfing, have fun and complete stages of full IKO from Accrokite Kite School.

Duration: 3 hrs

We always teach in groups of max 2 people.

If there are no other students at the start of the course,  you will get a private lesson for the same price = 2 hrs or you can book a private class with Accrokite Kite School.

Discovery Course Overview

This course starts with the theory about wind direction, wind windows, kite spots etc. This is important because it makes you understand better how the kite works. After that, you will learn how to set up the kite. This means pumping the kite and connecting the lines of the bar. This is pretty easy and takes between 5 to 10 minutes. Before we go into the water we go over the safety system of the bar. This clever system is why kitesurfing nowadays is so safe and everybody can learn.

The best way to get to know the sport is to get into the water and fly the kite, which comprises the majority of the lesson. Our kite spot with flat waist-high water allows us to go directly into the water with a real kite. This will make your kite control improve much faster. Kite control is one of the most critical stages of the lesson. If your kite control is good the rest of the lesson will go easy. We also let you feel the power of the kite by moving the kite in a safe way. This is an amazing feeling. The course starts morning at 8 am/9 am depending on the wind and tide or afternoon at 1 pm/2 pm depending on the wind and tide. Everything is included in the price, IKO license, water, and equipment, you only have to come in swimming shorts or a swimming suit.

After the course you can have a drink at our bar or lunch/dinner at our restaurant straight on the beach, we have Thai and Western food.

Discovery Course For You?

The discovery course is perfect for those who are eager to explore this new and exciting sport by learning basic skills. It is also for those who just want to have a fun and thrilling day. If you have already experienced other sports such as wakeboarding, windsurfing, paragliding, surfing, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding or any other water sport or riding sport, it will help you for sure!
Surfers, windsurfers, wakeboarders, sailors, skiers, and snowboarders, listen up! If you have a background in any of these sports, kiteboarding will be a breeze! A lot of surfers have tried kitesurfing and fallen in love!  On windy days they now have a kite in hand!  Indeed, waiting for the right wave can sometimes become boring, paddling for hours to catch 2 waves can also become very boring, being able to surf with a kite will allow you to catch many more waves than you ever have conceived! And you can go strapped or strapless as you want!  So surfing on windless days and kitesurfing on windy days seems like a good combination!
Wakeboarders will have a blast trying to kitesurf! A kite has a similar pull to a wake-boat with a tower but with a lot more upward pull. You can learn those wake tricks with ease without having to wait for the boat to come back and pick you up! Kiteboarding opens a whole new level to Wake-style riding without the cost of gas and a boat.  Wakeboarders pick the sport up quickly because they already have the board skills and just need to learn the kite!
If you are a windsurfer, then you should try to kitesurf for sure! With a kite, you can go out on a 10-knot day and be fully powered! It would not be so much fun with a windsurf rag. And your gear fits in the trunk of a car! No more need for a large vehicle to carry all your large windsurfing boards and masts!
Sailers have a lot of fun trying to kitesurf as well as it’s again a very similar sport! You just need to learn how to ride a board, the rest you know!
Skiers and snowboarders can go with a kite up the mountain and ride! The possibilities with a kite and snow are endless. People are riding up mountains and basically paragliding down with their kites. Or you can pack up your kite and ski down!

What do you learn during the Discovery Package?

Basic knowledge about kitesurfing, the kite spots, wind and safety.

This is the theory part at the beginning of the lesson (about 15/20min). We will explain everything about kitesurfing, including rules in the water, wind directions, checking the spots, obstacles, and most important safety!

How To Setup The Kite

  • Pull the loop of the kite string
  • Pull the other end through the bottom of the loop
  • Pinch your thumb and forefinger together over the sides of the new loop
  • Connect the front lines to the leading edge
  • Connect the back lines to the trailing edge
  • Tighten the loops
  • Slide the loops towards the knot

How To Fly The Kite (70% of the lesson)

You will learn how to start with the kite, how to move with the lines and get tension in the canopy, then once it’s flying, you will have to learn the wind window from 9 am to 3 pm, enjoy!

How To Launch & Land The Kite

You will learn how to land your kite when you are done with your session, and launch again after your break!

How To Generate Power With The Kite

Here you will go into the power zone with the kite! Be ready for some fun! A kite is very powerful, world champions are flying 25 to 35 meters high at the King of the air contest in Cap town in South Africa! Just to let you imagine it’s a building of 8 to 11 stairs! No, we won’t jump so high today but you will feel how powerful is a kite I promise! We start with somebody dragging going forward, then body bragging upwind on the next day!

How To Relaunch The Kite After It Falls On The Water (Water-Relaunch)

This exercise is one of the most technical, you will have to be very sensitive to the tension in the lines, to succeed in this exercise I always recommend to my students to relax, breathe and try!

After the discovery package is complete, you will be ready to progress to the next level.

2h Private class: 4000 THB
3h Group of 2 pers: 4000 THB/pers


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