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Foil Board Rental

Foil Board Rental

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Foil Board Rental – The perfect board for entry-level riders, looking for an easy board to advance quickly.

Foil Board Rental  – Duotone Spirit Freeride

The perfect board for entry-level riders, looking for an easy board to advance quickly.

The Duotone Free is a modern, all round, foil specific board offering the easiest entry to the world of foil boarding in a very durable construction at a very interesting price point! The Free is aimed at riders looking for an easy to ride board. The rubber and cork deck reduce the risk of injuries during a wipeout.

The low volume makes it easy to handle whilst a big planning surface gets you going with ease with our foil boatrd rental. The robust twintip construction is nearly undestroyable and unique for a foil board. Getting into foiling and improving your skills on a foil board has never been so easy.

Foil Boad Rental

Duotone Spirit Freeride

Fast & Easy to assemble

Early planing due to a big planning surface

Easy handling due to low volume

Ideal for rntry level riders

Very robust construction with direct board Feedback

2 and 3 strap set up + cork deck


We use the Duotone Free Foil as our normal foil board rental as it is a super easy to use foil board that will kick off your foiling career effortlessly.  Durable and lightweight construction with a cork composite deck that provides padding and grip, simply bolt your foil on and get riding.

The foil mounting system is the standard 4 bolt holes suitable for all Duotone foils, as well being compatible with many others.

Footstrap inserts in both 2 strap and 3 strap configuration means the board can be ridden strapless or in a variety of different setups, whatever you find most comfortable.


Foil Mat – The Spirit 3.0 Series

The Spirit 3.0 series is a solid Aluminium mast with a glued top plate. The Aluminium fuselage with embedded pocket for the mast connection and with two back wing positions is a smooth aerodynamic construction, with two different tuning options. The Spirit 3.0 Aluminium masts are compatible with all Spirit front and back wings. The new version of Spirit Aluminium masts offers a 5% drag reduction and therefore allow higher speeds with a lot of control due to the increased stiffness. The short fuselage offers very lively maneuverability, steering impulses are transmitted fast and direct.

The increased torsional stiffness results in a more predictable feedback to the pilot. Due to the weight reductions, a total overall amount of 400g could be saved, the Spirit now also shines with a 5% higher bending stiffness and a 15% higher increased torsional stiffness! The Spirit 3.0 series, a stunning Aluminium solution with a lot of control and a guarantee for loads of speed!


The Spirit 3.0 series is a solid aluminium mast offering loads of control and stability at incredible speed.

High top end due to increased stiffness
Due to the increased stiffness, the top end could be improved, higher speeds with more control are possible.

Additional back wing position
An additional back wing position was added to offer more personal tuning.

400gr overall weight reduction for mast and fuselage
The combined weight of mast and fuselage could be reduced by enormous 400 grams!

Mast Geometry
The mast geometry has been developed to achieve a very light and stiff aluminimum mast.

Mast bending stiffness and torsional stiffness
a 5% higher mast bending stiffness and a 15% increased torsional stiffness is now offered.

Baseplate – Mast Connection

The baseplate to mast connection is truly unique. It is glued and screwed to make sure it´s the most rigid connection possible. This technique offers the feeling of a one piece carbon construction, eliminating swing and adjustment problems. Formula 1 aluminium fusion technology, Made in Germany, the guarantee for the best performance possible.

Overall everyone loves this set up as our standard foil board rental equimpent from Accrokite.


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Neeed Foil Board Lessons?

So why start Wing foiling? Because it’s so cool! We were surprised by the simplicity, the versatility and above all the feeling when sailing. There are numerous advantages that make the sport so popular. It is easy to learn, very quick to set up. Furthermore, It is not dangerous at all. And besides, It can also be done with offshore winds! One of the reasons is that the board floats, so you can always get back, even when the wind is dropping, because you can stand (or kneel) on your board.
Like Padle changed the tennisworld, Wing Foiling is changing the surfing world! The moment you start having fun is very fast and early but still technical enough to keep having challenges. Still not convinced? Our foil board rental and wing foil rental we only use the best equipment for your body shape.
So yes, there are some steps to validate before performing, but nothing too complicated, especially if you are already an adept of foil or water sports (surfing, paddle, windsurfing, kitesurfing etc.). (Wing.fr)
The most difficult thing in wing-foil: the water start!

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