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Kite Harness Rental

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Kite Harness Rental From Accrokite – Mystic Majestic Kite Harness

Kite Harness Rental By Accrokite

Mystic Kite Harness Rental

Over the years, Mystic boarding has developed a very extensive men’s and women’s collection of harnesses. A kitesurf harness for every kiter and everyone’s style. Mystic makes waist and seat harnesses of the best quality. Below you will find an overview of all harnesses from the Mystic collection.

Majestic or Majestic X is a very good option for kite harness rental from Accrokite. These Mystic Hard-shell Harnesses offer very good support during kiting.

The Majestic harness has the same Bionic Core Frame as the Majestic X, but with a Roving glass fiber plate which provides bigger freedom of movement from our harness rental. If you’re more into wave riding or freestyling the Majestic will definitely be worth your while. With Soft neoprene edges, Knitflex and Fix foam, the harness will give you all the comfort you need. The Majestic has a smart Battle belt 2.0 system with Flexcovers and a Key pocket 2.0.

The Mystic Majestic harness is a hardshell offering that offers a touch less rigidity than the hugely popular Majestic X. It uses the same Bionic Core Frame shape and design, but features Roving glass fibre rather than carbon, allowing just a little more flex into the frame.

The idea is that it offers more freedom of movement and is the perfect choice for discerning wave riders and freestylers looking for a top of the range harness rental from Mystic. With soft neoprene edges and a smooth interior, the harness can be fitted with a range of spreader bars depending on your preferred choice.

Kite Harness Rental Features

  • Bionic Core Frame
  • Fix Foam
  • Soft neoprene edges
  • Battle belt
  • Flexcovers with integrated safety knife pocket
  • Adaptive leash eye included
  • Suitable for Stealth bar + Clickerbar + Bananabar
  • Artist series

Mystic Harness Technologies

Why follow when you can lead? That is Mystic Boarding’s motto. The brand is doing everything they can to be ahead of the competition in terms of development and technologies to offer you the best products on the water. Below you can read some features and materials that are used in the construction of a Mystic Harness.

3D Molded Interior

Mystic harnesses feature a 3D molded inner foam lining. This 3d foam is made to completely fit your body. If there is pressure on, the harness connects well and therefore remains very well in place. The 3D foam that Mystic uses is water-resistant and does not absorb water. This keeps the harness lightweight during kitesurfing.

HP System

The Mystic patented Handle Pass system is designed to fix your leash at the back when making tricks etc. The system sits nicely on the back of the harness. This allows you to run more easily and you will not easily get in trouble with your long leash. The Mystic HP system has a very safe safety so you can always throw your leash directly.

Battle Belt Closure

Mystic was one of the first with a battle belt closure around the waist. The harness closure is super simple and works great. Thanks to the Velcro you can easily open and close it. Keep it simple!

Bionic Core Frame

The new Majestic and Majestic X hardshell harnesses from Mystic have the Bionic Core frame. The full carbon bionic core frame is stiff in the horizontal direction, but the BCF can still rotate and follow your body. A very nice piece of technology.

Mystic Clicker Bar

The Mystic harnesses are all equipped with a Multi spreader clicker bar. This is a very easy closure that opens and closes quickly. The hook is neatly hidden under the spreader bar protector. The Mystic Multi Spreader clicker bar 4.0 is super tight and thanks to its 4-point fixation it will not crawl up quickly. Certainly one of the best closures of a harness at the moment.

Mystic Kite Harness Review

Mystic have their own clicker pin system for opening and closing their spreader bar across your body. Super strong and secure, there’s a nice rubber grip on the outside to pinch the pins together and release the spreader bar, making the harness really easy to get on and off. It makes a difference to your experience; clicking together cleanly, is well designed and really strong. The spreader bar also doesn’t ride up into your chest, even when you’re lit with the kite overhead; it secures down in position very well.

The soft edges on the Majestic would make riding it without a wetsuit comfortable. The low profile side sections also tend to cup under your ribs and above your hips well. Generally, for a hard shell, the Majestic experience is quite soft as there’s also a lovely supportive cushion for your back on the insid



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