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Twin Tip Board

Twin Tip Board

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Most people (including me and probably you) learn to kitesurf on a twin tip. Twin tips are wakeboard-like boards 125-150 cm long and 35-45cm wide, with straps to tuck your feet in – hardcore freestylers even have snowboard-style bindings for wearing boots.

Twin Tip Board

Most people (including me and probably you) learn to kitesurf on a twintip. Twintips are wakeboard-like boards 125-150 cm long and 35-45cm wide, with straps to tuck your feet in – hardcore kite freestylers even have snowboard-style bindings for wearing boots.

Besides small size, a twin tip board main characteristic is that it’s symmetrical and so can be ridden in both directions without switching feet. When you learn to kiteboard, you first learn is the waterstart, followed by getting up on your board and riding in one direction, then riding back in the opposite direction.

So as you ride out offshore, you have your right or left foot forward depending on wind direction, then when you ride back toward the shore, your other foot is the one in front. All you did when turning was to turn your hips and shoulders in the reverse direction, without ever having to take your feet out of the straps.

This makes it easier for most beginners to learn to change direction as they can just focus on controlling their kite to make it turn.

A twintip also helps you learn to ride upwind and when you feel ready you can go on the jumps !

Start your kiteboarding journey right, make every new trick easier to learn, improve your riding faster and make every session count!

Rounded Outline
The round outline makes that you will have unrivalled control.

Comfortable Ride In All Conditions
No matter what conditions, the design is perfect for anything.

Five Sizes Cover All Types Of Rider
Since the board is offered in 5 different sizes, for each rider there is the perfect board.

Mono Concave Bottom with Standard Base
The mono concave bottom with standard base makes a board fast and ensures the best upwind abilities. it has the best dampening and comfort, has a good pop and sharp edge grip.

0-90 Biax Glass and 45° Biax Glass
0-90 biax glass and 45° biax glass to find the best compromise of a smooth comfortable ride, weight and durability.

Soft To Medium Flex
The soft to medium flex combines the best of both worlds, enough performance with ultimate comfort.

When you are learning to kiteboard the odds are stacked against you, let’s be honest, those early sessions aren’t easy. The wind is blowing, the water is moving, you’re controlling the kite, trying to manage the board, a lot is going on. You need something to make your journey smoother, a board you can rely on to make you look good every step of the way.

Meet the Gonzales, a freeride board that beginners and intermediates alike will love. This season even lighter, to make all those first steps easier. From those first water starts, to the more advanced moves you want to learn, the Gonzales can handle it all.

Featuring a medium-soft flex with a concave base, it’s incredibly forgiving on the water with a silky ride in the roughest of chop. The Absorption Flex Tips make landings soft, and the carving from heel to toeside is buttery smooth thanks to the rounded outline. No matter where you are on your kiteboarding journey, the Gonzales can help you get better at the sport you love.

Twin Tip Board Biax Fibre Construction

The Biax Fibre Construction is used for the Duotone boards Gambler, Spike and Gonzales. These boards are produced with Biax Fibre for the best dampening and comfort.

All in all we got you covered when it comes to Twin Tip rental at Accrokite!

All of our rental gear is kept at a very high standard of maintenance so you will always get the best and most comfortable fit to your body shape. We always use high quality products from industry standard companies that give you that extra piece of mind.

The climate here on koh phangan is very humid so having a good maintenance program in place for our rental gear is essential to keeping everything looking new and last the test of time in our very hot climate.

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