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We are located on the south of the paradise island of Koh Phangan in Baan tai beach, at Goodtime Beach Backpackers resort. You can experience Flatwater, Lagoon of white sand protected by a coral reaf with water level between 70 and 150 cm. Wind averages of 10-20 knots during our both Seasons : Summer from July to September and Winter from December to end of April you can experience thermal winds. The baan tai lagoon is a perfect spot to start as a beginner or improve your level as an advanced kitesurfer because it is flat and you can stand up everywhere. We offer group courses and individual packages for all levels. Our passionates IKO certified instructors will follow you from your very first steps with a kite to advanced training and intensive courses. We can bring you in 2 others spots : in winter to Chaloklum lagoon in the North of the island when the wind is blowing from Nort and at the pier spot in Baan tai in Summer when the wind is from west direction. You can buy gear at affordable rates from our Kite Shop. We have an in-house Kite Repair Services as well. 

Wide array of Bungalows & Glamping Experiences are spread out throughout the lovingly maintained garden. We offer a lot of free activities and services. We also provide activities and excursions for no wind days and none kiters. Our guest love our food: local fruits and vegetables from the village, fresh seafood brought in by the fishermen each morning. We have Thaï Cuisine like Rice, soup & Curry, as well as a range of Western Dishes. We have many Sustainability Projects going on, feel free to inquire and join in the cause. We are the first and most enthusiastic Kiters in Thailand. Feel free to contact us for additional information.


The best way to get to know the sport is to get into the water and fly the kite so this comprises the majority of the lesson. Our kitespot with flat waist high water allows us to go directly into the water with a real kite. This will make your kite control improve much faster.

The discovery course is perfect for those who are eager to explore this new and exciting sport



This course is for anyone who wants to become an independent kitesurfer. This means having all of the theoretical and practical ‘know-how’ you need to be able to kite in a safe way. This will allow you to call yourself a real kite surfer and to kite in any kitespot in the world.

Discover kitesurfing, have fun and complete stages of full IKO


Be independent, learn to jump ! Our 1 day improver/refresher course will get you where you want to be

Rent our North and Ion equipment


Kite school koh Phangan

1200 THB


Kite school Thailand

3000 THB


Kitesurfing school in Asia

5000 THB


Kiteboarding school in Asia

5000 THB


Kite Zone Thailand

9000 THB


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Looking for a room or a bungalow in Koh Phangan? Our Partner Dancing elephant beach club is perfectly located in front of Baan Tai beach and close to our Kite School.

Our Team


Owner, Iko instructor
Age : 38
Languages : French, english
Kitesurfing and passionated since 2012
Country : France


Iko instructor
Age : 40
Languages : Slovenian, English, French, Spanish, Croatian, a little bit of German. Passionated and pro kitesurfer since 2005
Country : Slovenia


Iko instructor
Age : 28
Languages : French, english
Kitesurfing and passionated since 2011
Country : France

Our Kitesurfing lessons learn Safely In Ideal Warm Conditions

We have great locations and wind conditions that are ideal for learning kiteboarding.Our experienced IKO kitesurf instructors working with a maximum of 2 students will guide you through the lesson, which means loads of action, the right amount of theory and lots of fun doing it!

Safe Progression

We want to make sure you learn how to kitesurf safely, but equally, we want you to progress as fast as you are able.

New Equipment & no waiting

We don’t want poor equipment to let you down,so we invest in new kites of the best quality every year.Being such a large school we have lots of gear, so we can match the kite and board to your weight and kitesurf ability,so no one has to wait.

Get your IKO card

Whether you’re planning to learn then explore and kitesurf far off beaches or
you’re looking to brush up on your board-riding skills, or even just to have a fun day out you have come to right place. At the end of each kitesurf course,you will receive an IKO card.