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Full Kiteboarding Equipment

Full Kiteboarding Equipment

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Need to rent kiteboarding equipment? No problem at Accrokite we have you covered with our great selection of the latest pro kite gear from the best suppliers in the market.

Full Kiteboarding Equipment by Accrokite

Catch the Wind: Your Ultimate Guide to Rent Kiteboarding Equipment

Kiteboarding is an invigorating blend of action, where the powerful gusts of wind meet the undulating waves of the sea, creating a playground unlike any other. This sport isn’t just about harnessing the wind to surf across the water’s surface; it’s a voyage into the heart of nature, offering a unique way to express one’s adventurous spirit.

It’s a lifestyle embraced by those who seek the thrill of combining air and water sports into an unforgettable experience. Delving into the world of kiteboarding equipment is essential for anyone looking to embark on this journey. The right gear not only enhances the adventure but also ensures safety as you navigate through the elements. This guide is designed to navigate the nuances of kiteboarding equipment rental, providing valuable insights, tips, and advice.

Whether you’re a novice feeling the call of the wind for the first time or an experienced rider looking to refine your equipment choices, understanding the ins and outs of kiteboarding gear is crucial. It’s about more than just picking a board or a kite; it’s about making informed decisions that align with your skills, conditions, and the very essence of kiteboarding itself. Let this guide serve as your compass in the thrilling world of kiteboarding, helping you to harness the wind with confidence and style.

The Thrill of Kiteboarding: An Introduction

What is Kiteboarding?

Kiteboarding is a captivating water sport that marries the elemental force of the wind with the fluid grace of the sea, creating a unique blend of excitement, freedom, and adventure. This dynamic sport involves using a kite to harness the wind’s power, propelling the rider across the water on a small but agile surfboard or kiteboard. It’s more than just a sport; it’s a symphony of the elements, where air and water collaborate to offer a dance with nature that promises an unparalleled sense of liberation and exhilaration.

The heart of kiteboarding lies in its equipment. Kiteboarding equipment is the crucial link between the rider and the elements, enabling the transformation of wind into motion. This equipment is not just about functionality; it embodies the spirit of adventure and innovation, allowing riders to navigate the waters with precision and flair. Whether it’s the design of the kite that captures the wind or the shape of the board that slices through the waves, every piece of gear plays a vital role in the kiteboarding experience.

Choosing the right kiteboarding equipment is essential for anyone looking to embrace this sport. It influences everything from the ease of learning to the potential for performing awe-inspiring tricks. For those new to the sport, the selection of equipment can be a gateway to mastering the waves and the wind, turning every outing into an adventure. As such, kiteboarding isn’t just about the thrill of the ride; it’s a journey of discovery, powered by the wind and steered by the heart.

Why Kiteboarding Captivates Adventurers Worldwide

Kiteboarding has emerged as a beacon for adventurers seeking the ultimate fusion of excitement and tranquillity. This fascinating sport stands out for its singular combination of challenge and serenity, drawing enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. It demands a blend of skill and focus that pushes riders to their limits, while also offering moments of pure bliss. As kiteboarders harness the wind with their kiteboarding equipment, they experience the thrill of gliding effortlessly over the waves, entering a realm where the clamor of the world fades into the gentle whisper of the wind.

The magic of kiteboarding lies not just in the physical act of riding the waves but in the profound connection it fosters with the natural elements. The right kiteboarding equipment acts as a mediator between the rider and the forces of nature, transforming a gust of wind into an exhilarating speed that propels the board forward. It’s this harmonious interplay between wind, water, and gear that enables kiteboarders to perform dynamic manoeuvres, leap into the air, and ride the waves with grace and precision.

Kiteboarding’s appeal also stems from its versatility. Whether it’s the rush of navigating choppy waters, the challenge of executing aerial tricks, or the peacefulness of a smooth glide on a calm day, the sport offers an array of experiences. Each session is a new adventure, shaped by the wind and waves and the rider’s interaction with their kiteboarding equipment. This dynamic nature of kiteboarding, coupled with the endless pursuit of mastery and the beauty of being at one with the elements, is what captivates adventurers worldwide.

Before You Dive In – Understanding the Basics of Kite Surfing Equipment

Embarking on the thrilling journey of kiteboarding begins with acquiring the right kiteboarding equipment. This gear is not just about having the essentials; it’s about ensuring a harmonious interaction with the elements that make kiteboarding such an exhilarating experience. At the core of this equipment is the kite, meticulously designed to harness the wind’s power. Choosing a kite that aligns with the day’s wind conditions is paramount, as it acts as your engine on this aquatic odyssey.

The board is another cornerstone of kiteboarding equipment, serving as your connection to the water. It should complement your riding style and experience level, whether you’re carving through the waves or gliding across flat waters. Alongside these, a harness is essential, acting as the critical link that connects you to your kite, enabling you to control it with precision and grace.

But the kit doesn’t stop there. Additional gear, including safety leashes, helmets, and impact vests, plays a vital role in ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Each piece of kiteboarding equipment, from the kite to the smallest accessory, is a crucial component of the kiteboarding setup, designed to enhance your performance and safety as you navigate the waves.

Understanding the basics of kiteboarding equipment is the first step in preparing for this adventure. With the right gear in hand, you’re not just equipped to face the wind and waves; you’re ready to embrace the full potential of what kiteboarding has to offer.

The Rental Route: Why Renting Kiteboarding Equipment Makes Sense

Diving into the world of kiteboarding opens up a vista of thrilling possibilities, and choosing the rental route for your kiteboarding equipment can be a wise decision, especially for those new to the sport or in search of the perfect gear match. Renting kiteboarding equipment offers a unique set of advantages compared to the outright purchase of gear.

One of the most significant benefits of renting is the freedom it provides. The kiteboarding world is rich with diverse equipment options, each designed for different styles, skill levels, and weather conditions. Renting kiteboarding equipment allows you to experiment with various kites, boards, and harnesses without the hefty commitment that comes with purchasing. This flexibility is invaluable for beginners who are still discovering their preferences and for seasoned kiteboarders looking to test the latest gear before making a purchase.

Moreover, renting kiteboarding equipment is cost-effective. High-quality gear comes with a high price tag, which can be daunting for those just starting. Renting offers a budget-friendly alternative, enabling enthusiasts to enjoy the sport without the financial strain of buying. It also eliminates the concern over maintenance and storage, as rental shops take care of the upkeep of the gear.

Choosing to rent kiteboarding equipment also means you’re always equipped with gear suited to the current conditions. Wind and water can be unpredictable, and having the ability to select equipment that is ideal for the day’s conditions can greatly enhance your kiteboarding experience.

In summary, renting kiteboarding equipment is a smart choice for many. It provides the opportunity to explore and enjoy kiteboarding with flexibility, reduces initial costs, and ensures you always have the right gear for the conditions at hand. Whether you’re a newcomer eager to learn or an avid kiteboarder keen on using the latest technology, the rental route opens up a world of possibilities.

Beyond the Board: Full Gear Rental From Accrokite

Need to rent your full gear?

No problem at Accrokite we have you covered with our great selection of the latest pro kite gear from the best suppliers in the market for kiteboarding equipment.

All of our rental kiteboarding equipment is kept at a very high standard of maintenance so you will always get the best and most comfortable fit for your body shape. We always use high-quality products from industry-standard companies that give you that extra piece of mind.

The climate here on Koh Phangan is very humid so having a good maintenance program in place for our rental kiteboarding equipment is essential to keeping everything looking new and last the test of time in our very hot climate. Get in touch or see our shop section of the website for all kiteboarding equipment kiteboarding equipment rentals and more.

Kite Surf Equipment Rental Includes

North Reach Kite – Kite

Lively and playful, this 3-strut allrounder has unparalleled versatility and wind range. Big jumps. Upwind performance. Effortless relaunch. For 2022 we’ve introduced a new lighter Dacron exo-skeleton in every size and revised the arc design for a crisper, snappier response, more direct steering and more dynamic recovery. Still nimble and easy to ride, but now with a cleaner profile that’s even more stable in kite loops, the Reach is your go-to kite in all conditions. The lighter construction excels throughout the entire wind range, foil and surf, without compromising the kite’s durability. Its fast, responsive steering and efficient power delivery give rise to incredible boosts, loops and freestyle, while the short responsive bridle provides quick, exponential depower. In the three larger sizes, the Reach is a powerful light wind kite designed with a predictable, consistent drive forward for TwinTip riding – long after everyone else has gone in.


  • Boosts and loops with a smooth reliable catch
  • Incredible stability for foil and light wind
  • Well-balanced tactile surf handling
  • Massive wind range and upwind drive
  • New lighter N-DURE Dacron in all sizes
  • Incredibly powerful and efficient
  • Larger sizes light wind-optimised
  • More durable leading-edge seam
  • New revised arc design for cleaner kite loops
  • Lightweight bladders in every size
  • Highest quality no-pulley low drag bridle lines
  • Direct and Responsive Steering
  • Confident relaunch with swept design
  • Precise draft-forward profile
  • Progressive freestyle medium-high AR
  • Duralite seam protection
  • Kevlar reinforced strut system with bridle deflectors
  • New HyperFlow rapid inflation system cap and valve geometry
  • Go Green Recycled PET Kite Bag with Foil Assist
  • N-HTRS High-Performance high tenacity ripstop canopy

Full Product Details: Source North Official

Twin Tip Board – Kiteboarding Equipment

Most people (including me and probably you) learn to kitesurf on a twin tip. Twin tips are wakeboard-like boards 125-150 cm long and 35-45cm wide, with straps to tuck your feet in – hardcore kite freestylers even have snowboard-style bindings for wearing boots.

Besides its small size, a twin tip board’s main characteristic is that it’s symmetrical and so can be ridden in both directions without switching feet. When you learn to kiteboard, you first learn is the water, followed by getting up on your board and riding in one direction, and then riding back in the opposite direction.

So as you ride out offshore, you have your right or left foot forward depending on wind direction, and then when you ride back toward the shore, your other foot is the one in front. All you did when turning was to turn your hips and shoulders in the reverse direction, without ever having to take your feet out of the straps.

This makes it easier for most beginners to learn to change direction as they can just focus on controlling their kite to make it turn.

A twin tip also helps you learn to ride upwind and when you feel ready you can go on the jumps!

Start your kiteboarding journey right, make every new trick easier to learn, improve your riding faster and make every session count!

Rounded Outline
The round outline means that you will have unrivalled control.

Comfortable Ride In All Conditions
No matter what conditions, the design is perfect for anything.

Five Sizes Cover All Types Of Rider
Since the board is offered in 5 different sizes, for each rider there is the perfect board.

Mono Concave Bottom with Standard Base
The mono-concave bottom with a standard base makes a board fast and ensures the best upwind abilities. it has the best dampening and comfort, has a good pop and sharp edge grip.

0-90 Biax Glass and 45° Biax Glass
0-90 biax glass and 45° biax glass to find the best compromise of a smooth comfortable ride, weight and durability.

Soft To Medium Flex
The soft to medium flex combines the best of both worlds, enough performance with ultimate comfort.

Mystic Kite Harness

Over the years, Mystic Boarding has developed a very extensive men’s and women’s collection of harnesses. A kitesurf harness for every kiter and everyone’s style. Mystic makes waist and seat harnesses of the best quality. Below you will find an overview of all harnesses from the Mystic collection.

Majestic or Majestic X is a very good option for kite harness rental from Accrokite. These Mystic Hard-shell Harnesses offer very good support during kiting.

The Majestic harness has the same Bionic Core Frame as the Majestic X, but with a Roving glass fibre plate which provides bigger freedom of movement from our harness rental. If you’re more into wave riding or freestyling the Majestic will definitely be worth your while. With Soft neoprene edges, Knitflex and Fix foam, the harness will give you all the comfort you need. The Majestic has a smart Battle belt 2.0 system with Flexcovers and a Key pocket 2.0.

The Mystic Majestic harness is a hardshell offering that offers a touch less rigidity than the hugely popular Majestic X. It uses the same Bionic Core Frame shape and design, but features Roving glass fibre rather than carbon, allowing just a little more flex into the frame.

The idea is that it offers more freedom of movement and is the perfect choice for discerning wave riders and freestylers looking for a top of the range harness rental from Mystic. With soft neoprene edges and a smooth interior, the harness can be fitted with a range of spreader bars depending on your preferred choice.

Kite Harness Features

  • Bionic Core Frame
  • Fix Foam
  • Soft neoprene edges
  • Battle belt
  • Flexcovers with integrated safety knife pocket
  • Adaptive leash eye included
  • Suitable for Stealth bar + Clickerbar + Bananabar
  • Artist series

North Navigator Control System – Kite Bar

Switch effortlessly between disciplines with the Toolless Interloop, our no-tools required modular harness loop replacement system. The Navigator Control System connects you intuitively to your kite, using industry-leading SK99 Dyneema lines from Liros for precise performance. With faster, safer release and intuitive single-action reload in all conditions, the Connect Quick Release and leash now comply with ISO Standard 21853:2020. Available in three sizes, the Navigator’s refined ergonomic design offers durability, comfort and tactile control. Knowing your kite’s position just became second nature with this new kite bar from North and is now a valuable part of our kiteboarding equipment.

Kite Bar Rental Features

  • Bionic Core Frame
  • Fix Foam
  • Soft neoprene edges
  • Battle belt
  • Flexcovers with integrated safety knife pocket
  • Adaptive leash eye included
  • Suitable for Stealth bar + Clickerbar + Bananabar
  • Artist Series

North launches the second-generation Navigator control system in 2021 and we have it as our standard kite bar rental here at Accrokite. The Navigator 2021 is made of only premium materials and has a very ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hand. What makes the Navigator bar so special is North”s patented Toolless Interloop system. This allows you to switch between chicken loops very quickly, without using any tools! There are 4 different chicken loops available. Whether you like freeride, freestyle or wave, you can do it all with the Navigator!

The North Navigator bar is finished with an EVA padding for a soft bar feel, but still with sufficient grip. Because the bar ends are so soft, you will not damage your surfboard if you fall on it. The swivel ensures that your lines automatically turn back after a kite loop or rotation. The North Navigator 2021 is equipped with the premium SK99 1.6mm flying lines. This way you can be sure that you can do a kite loop at a height of 20m with confidence!

New for this year is the improved grip for extra comfort while riding. in addition, the centrepiece has a new geometry to improve durability. All in all a super good bar for your North 2021 or 2022 kite! When it comes to kiteboarding equipment rentals we always use the best.