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If you are advanced rider, change your life and become an IKO instructor with us ! Get ready for a new life in heaven ! Then you can get a new job in paradise ! Ask us for the next session ATC (Assistant Training Course) and ITC (Instructor Training Course).

Teaching kitesurf is an extremely rewarding experience. The course is accessible to all advanced riders and allows you to become a safe and professional instructor, ready to work with the highest international standards. IKO Instructor Certification gives you access to exclusive job opportunities in over 300 IKO Centers worldwide.
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Share your passion around the world

Put the odds on your side to achieve excellence. In terms of teaching experience this advanced course is your best chance to become a professional kite instructor and live your dream. All the educational content and exercises in the course show you how to find the perfect balance between fun and safety, while keeping everyone’s individualities in mind.

Teach the highest international standards

The IKO course has been designed to make you a competent instructor. Learn with a method recognized as top notch, safely and effectively teach kitesurfers from beginner to independent level.

Be the best teacher

The IKO teaching concept is based on a mixture of trial and error followed by the evaluation and correction that apply to it. Key concepts regarding the learning curve, mindset and principles of communication will be familiar to you at the end of the course. Build on lesson plan visuals and learn with hands-on teaching as an instructor with real students.

In-person training

  • 18 years minimum age
  • ATC : Level 4 minimum (jumping with rotation in the air and/or grab)
  • 5 Days 40 Hours
  • 8 maximum candidates
  • ITC : Assistant Minimum level 
  • 5 Days 40 Hours
  • 8 maximum candidates
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Access exclusive content

The IKO course is based on rich and quality content gathered in the instructor’s manual. Receive your manual and study it immediately after booking your course. All updates and tools are accessible as long as your membership is valid.

Improve your skills

The teaching of kitesurfing is based on a number of concepts. Many of the skills taught in the course can be applied to other areas. The ability to speak in public and present complex theoretical concepts will improve as well as your professionalism and organization. Thanks to the IKO you can continue your lessons to reach more advanced levels with Accrokite IKO Thailand.

IKO Testimonials

“In order to preserve the excellence of teaching while guaranteeing the safety and pleasure of the students, I decided to become a professional kitesurfing instructor certified by the IKO because it is a serious institution and has excellent protocols. As an IKO Instructor, I can pass on my knowledge to future kiters, foilers and windsurfers.”
Luiz Fernando Franceschi, Level 1 Instructor
Active Monitors: 4000+
Professional course: 200+
Posted Jobs: 50+
iko pro center

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