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IEC course

Instructor Training Course

Instructor Training Course

From ฿27,853.00

This course is from 22nd to 26th July

For the ITC (Instructor training course). 38648 THB (1136$), IKO FEES 299$ INCLUDED or 27853 THB (if you already registered through IKO website and paid 299$ IKO fee).

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Instructor Training Course

Become a Pro Instructor With Accrokite!

This course is from 22nd to 26th July

You can get your ATC (Assistant training course), ITC (Instructor training course) and IEC (Equivalent training course) with us!

Get ready for a new life in Paradise!

Accrokite, located in Koh Phangan, offers comprehensive Kite Instructor Courses accredited by the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO). Whether you’re looking to kickstart your career as a kiteboarding instructor or enhance your skills, Accrokite provides three main courses: the Assistant Training Course (ATC), the Instructor Training Course (ITC), and the Equivalent Training Course (IEC).

The Instructor Training Course (ITC) is ideal for individuals aiming to become certified kiteboarding instructors. This comprehensive course delves deeper into instructional techniques, safety procedures, risk management, and teaching methodologies. Participants learn how to conduct kiteboarding lessons and assess student progress effectively.

Instructor Training ITC Course

The IKO Instructor Training Course (ITC) is the gateway to becoming a proficient and certified kiteboarding instructor. Tailored for individuals passionate about kitesurfing and teaching, this comprehensive course equips participants with the knowledge, skills, and techniques required to teach safely and effectively.

Throughout the ITC, aspiring instructors learn from a top-notch, internationally recognized teaching method endorsed by the International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO). This method emphasizes safety, efficiency, and adherence to industry best practices, ensuring that instructors are well-prepared to guide students of all skill levels, from beginners to independent kitesurfers.

Participants in the ITC undergo rigorous training and practical exercises, covering various aspects of kiteboarding instruction, including kite control, safety protocols, equipment handling, and lesson planning. By immersing themselves in hands-on learning experiences and classroom sessions, candidates gain a deep understanding of teaching methodologies and instructional techniques specific to kiteboarding.

Upon successful completion of the ITC, graduates receive IKO certification, validating their proficiency as kiteboarding instructors. This certification not only demonstrates their expertise but also opens doors to exciting career opportunities at IKO-affiliated kiteboarding centres worldwide.

The IKO Instructor Training Course (ITC) is a transformative journey that empowers individuals to share their love for kiteboarding while upholding the highest standards of safety and professionalism in the industry.

Instructor Training Course (ITC) Who is it for?

Aspiring kiteboarding enthusiasts who are passionate about sharing their love for the sport and teaching others would immensely benefit from enrolling in the Instructor Training Course (ITC). This course is specifically designed for individuals seeking to transition from being skilled kiteboarders to proficient instructors.

Those who wish to embark on a rewarding career in kiteboarding instruction would find the ITC invaluable. By completing the course, they acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and certification to teach kiteboarding safely and effectively at IKO-affiliated centres worldwide. The ITC equips participants with comprehensive training on instructional techniques, safety protocols, equipment handling, and lesson planning, ensuring they are well-prepared to guide students of all levels, from beginners to advanced riders.

Additionally, kiteboarding enthusiasts who desire to deepen their understanding of the sport and improve their riding skills would also benefit from the ITC. The course provides insights into advanced kiteboarding concepts and methodologies, allowing participants to refine their techniques and become more proficient riders themselves.

Ultimately, the Instructor Training Course (ITC) is ideal for individuals who are passionate about kiteboarding and aspire to share their knowledge and expertise with others, whether as a career path or as a means to enhance their enjoyment of the sport.

For experienced instructors holding certifications from other organizations, Accrokite offers the Equivalent Training Course (IEC). This course allows instructors to convert their existing qualifications to IKO certifications, ensuring compliance with international standards.

Accrokite’s courses are conducted by experienced IKO-certified instructors who provide personalized guidance and support throughout the training process. Additionally, Koh Phangan’s ideal kiteboarding conditions, including consistent winds and shallow waters, provide the perfect setting for practical training.

By completing the Kite Instructor Courses at Accrokite, students gain valuable skills, industry-recognized certifications, and the confidence to pursue exciting opportunities in the world of kiteboarding instruction. Whether you’re seeking professional development or a thrilling new career path, Accrokite is your gateway to success in the kiteboarding industry.

Then you will be ready for some work in paradise. Our next ITC (Instructor training course) is from the 22nd of July 2024 to the 26th. The course is in English.

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