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Kite Bar Rental

Kite Bar Rental

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Kite Bar Rental From Accrokite – North Navigator Control System – Kite Bar

Kite Bar Rental From Accrokite

North Navigator Control System – Kite Bar

Switch effortlessly between disciplines with the Toolless Interloop, our no-tools required modular harness loop replacement system. The Navigator Control System connects you intuitively to your kite, using industry-leading SK99 Dyneema lines from Liros for precise performance. With faster, safer release and intuitive single-action reload in all conditions, the Connect Quick Release and leash now complies with ISO Standard 21853:2020. Available in three sizes, the Navigator’s refined ergonomic design offers durability, comfort and tactile control. Knowing your kite’s position just became second nature with this new kite bar from North.

Kite Bar Rental Features

  • Bionic Core Frame
  • Fix Foam
  • Soft neoprene edges
  • Battle belt
  • Flexcovers with integrated safety knife pocket
  • Adaptive leash eye included
  • Suitable for Stealth bar + Clickerbar + Bananabar
  • Artist series

North launches the second generation Navigator control system in 2021 and we have it as our standard kite bar rental here at Accrokite. The Navigator 2021 is made of only premium materials and has a very ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hand. What makes the Navigator bar so special is North”s patented Toolless Interloop system. This allows you to switch between chicken loops very quickly, without using any tools! There are 4 different chicken loops available. Whether you like freeride, freestyle or wave, you can do it all with the Navigator!

The North Navigator bar is finished with an EVA padding for a soft bar feel, but still with sufficient grip. Because the bar ends are so soft, you will not damage your surfboard if you fall on it. The swivel ensures that your lines automatically turn back after a kiteloop or rotation. The North Navigator 2021 is equipped with the premium SK99 1.6mm flying lines. This way you can be sure that you can do a kiteloop at a height of 20m with confidence!

New for this year is the improved grip for extra comfort while riding. in addition, the centerpiece has a new geometry to improve durability. All in all a super good bar for your North 2021 or 2022 kite!


Toolless interloop system with lockguard

Switch effortlessly between disciplines – no tools required. Simply push, twist, pull, lock and go. Loops are made from optimised TPU material for flex and durability, with a more rigid freeride security finger to prevent unexpected unhooking. Flexible LockGuard safety ring prevents accidental release of your interloop.

Soft eva bar ends with retractable line winders

The positive buoyancy bar ends with integrated line winder bungees are injection moulded in one piece with no-glue seams for long-lasting quality. The bar ends ensure nothing hard comes in touch with you or your board, float the entire bar, and also contain the concealed rear line adjustment. Even the best quality lines shrink over time, so after a month, we recommend you check your lines are all even and drop them to the bottom knot. It’s easy and takes only a minute to make the change.

Protective pu-covered leader lines

To help prevent line abrasion from uncovered lines against your skin, we’ve used colour-coded PU tubing covers. The covers also help them remain rigid and out of the way when the flying lines aren’t under tension.

Adjustable cleated trim system

Provides industry-proven line-adjustment when needed. The cleat base has been designed with circular geometry for consistent bar spin. In overpowered conditions the cleat allows you to shorten your front lines and remain in a comfortable body position.

Lightweight over-molded trim handle with dyneema lines

Easy to reach moulded trim handle doesn’t hurt when it hits you. Made from Nylon/EVA for strength with a textured soft-touch grip. Top-quality German-made extremely high wear Dyneema depower and trim line with a special impregnation coating for resistance to abrasion.

Durable covered mainline, with customised tpu tubing

Symmetric multibore landing line channel allows the landing line/flying line to pass through without snagging, regardless of the orientation when deploying or reloading. Crafted from a patented material specifically formulated for high abrasion flexible applications.

Custom low-friction spinning handle

Unspin your front lines easily.

Adjustable length flying lines 22m (12m + 10m)

22m lines have a split at 12m, which is far enough for the bar to travel to completely depower our largest kite when you flag out. Remove the standard 10m top section of flying line and 12m lines are ideal for schools to teach with and for foil racing. 8m and 6m line extensions are available as an accessory for wave riding or tighter kiteloops.

Kite Bar Rental Review

Release and reload faster with the intuitive single-action reload Connect Quick Release, and switch effortlessly between disciplines with the Toolless Interloop, our no-tools required modular harness loop replacement system. The Navigator Control System connects you intuitively to your kite, using premium leading technology Dyneema lines for precise performance from this kite bar rental by North.



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Accrokite Kite Bar Rental Includes: Control Bar, Lines + Leash


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