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switch nitro 7

Switch Nitro 7 2019 14m

Switch Nitro 7 2019 14m


Switch Nitro 7 2019 14m

Switch Nitro 7 2019 14m

Bought new in November 2019

In very good condition, no repair.

What’s New In The Switch Nitro 7?

The Nitro 7 has launched in a new direction with a long list of improvements:

  • Higher Jumps
  • Easier and predictable control while jumping
  • Predictable lifting loops
  • Softer landings
  • Improved unhooked freestyle
  • Lighter bar pressure and bar response
  • Extreme high wind stability

Design Process

2 years in development, The Nitro 7’s core focus is to be the best big air kite in the world. Unlimited big air potential, Massive mega loops and down loops, 100% stability in any wind strength with confidence inspiring usability.

Marc Jacobs / Nitro 7 / 8m / Height 27m
During testing the new Nitro 7 quickly showed its true potential setting a new Oceania WOO high jump record of 27m.

Previous Nitro’s where heavily focused on freeride speed and power.
With a general shift away from freeriding to foiling and the growing popularity in Big Air and Air Style, our team decided its time to truly make the Nitro the king of the air.

Rub Pads and Bumpers

Custom moulded bumpers and lightweight abrasion-resistant rub pads wherever you need it during set up, launching, landing and packing.

Bomb Proof Leading Edge Closure

Double-reinforced with dacron, the le seam is fully glued, double-folded and double stitched with an exterior webbing cover for ultimate strength and durability. extra heavy thread is used to protect against ruptures and blowouts.

Glued and Overlaid Seams On The Switch Nitro 7

We glue and double stitch the seams. one straight stitch folded over would be much faster and cheaper to produce, but it is simply not as strong.

Reinforced Strut Joints and Valve Positions

All stitching locations on any struts are internally reinforced first with Dacron and then adhesive-backed Dacron Mark Cloth to ensure the stitching doesn’t compromise the material. Strut seams are double stitched with a larger thread. Strut attachments are reinforced with webbing and all valve positions have extra reinforcing to prevent blowouts under high pressures and crashes.

Highest Quality

Our design and production staff have over 50 years experience in designing and building airborne sports equipment and a hard-earned reputation for unmatched quality and durability. We source the absolute highest quality raw goods either jointly developed with global manufacturers to our specifications or thoroughly tested in real world use and proven to be the best available. new materials and construction techniques are scientifically tested in our exclusive headquarters laboratory to determine their strength and functionality before entering production. attention to detail in raw goods acquisition and production means a switch kite is unmatched in quality and our direct-to-the-customer sales approach allows us to provide ultimate quality at an affordable price.

Canopy Material of the Switch Nitro 7

Next to the actual kite design, the canopy fabric plays a very important role in your kite’s performance. fabrics, with different stretch characteristics, will have an important effect on bar pressure, turning speed and the overall crisp feeling of your kite. a quick and lively kite can become dull and slow with heavy bar pressure when made with a different material. switch kites is constantly testing different materials in our test laboratory and in real life applications. after 16 months of testing, we have chosen a new 56 gr/m2 double rip stop fabric which has a 37% higher puncture tensile strength in the critical warp direction, with minimal weight increase.

Ramed Canopy

Fully glued canopy framing of dacron and adhesive-backed mark cloth for extra strength along struts, leading edge, trailing edges and wingtips.

Canopy Attachment

Why are we not using one single row of three-step zigzag like all the others? every added hole in the leading edge weakens the structure. if you need to add holes, they must be spaced out as far as possible. we use a more time consuming two rows of two-step zigzag to produce considerable added strength to the design.

Leading Edge & Strut Material

We use dimension-polyant dacron exclusively. dimension-polyant dacron is the only sailcloth manufacturer with its own modern sailcloth-weaving mill and a unique finishing plant where the fabrics pass through a 14-stage program. weaving, finishing and laminating – all in one location, made in germany. it’s the most stable and durable structure that ensures the designed shape is retained for ultimate performance.


Is The Switch Nitro 7 Kite Right For You?

Big air? Mega loops? Chasing storms? WOO record breaking?
The Nitro is your first choice if you are into jumping and pushing big air limits.

5 strut Support and Profile Shape

Strategically placing the 5 struts to give clean air flow in the center of the kite generating more power while maximizing canopy frame support in any conditions. This incorporated with a forward canopy arc and open C shape gives the Nitro the stability to handle extreme canopy tension in high load situations.
Nitro easily handles any situation giving you the confidence to push for more

Foil Stabilizers

Foil stabilizers have been used to strengthen the aerofoil shape during high winds and kite loops. This gives the Nitro 7 amazing stability in extreme conditions.

Direct Bridle

The Nitro’s new bridle system has been carefully designed to maximize stability in extreme conditions, reduced length to minimize bridle wrapping and is kept simple to give you a direct bar feel.

Structural Rigidity

The Nitro 7 has the highest structural rigidity of any kite we have made. A smooth single panel layout with a reinforced framed canopy to give high efficiency and strength.

Switch Nitro 7

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