Become Pro! You can get your ATC (Assistant training course), ITC (Instructor training course) and IEC (Equivalent training course) with us!

kite school

Get ready for a new life in heaven ! Become a kite instructor.


kite school


Then you will be ready for some work in paradise. Our next ATC (Assistant training course) will take place from the 10th to 14th February 2025, First AID and CPR course on the 15th, day off 0n the 16th, IEC (Instructor equivalency course) and ITC (Instructor training course) from the 17th of February 2025 to the 21st. Course in English.

Get the opportunity to gain some knowledge and experience with our team of professionals.


kite school

We offer ATC, IEC and ITC internship during 12 days.

The school is located on the beach of Thong Sala in the south.

Here we have flat spot in a lagoon of white sand protected by a coral reef, clear water 30° all year. The depth is between 0,5m and 1,5m depending of the tide, super easy to teach as you can stand up everywhere on the spot.

We are the only school affiliated PRO IKO CENTER on the island and the only school in this area so there is a lot of free space.


kitesurf koh phangan


Wind is between 10 and 15 knots, sometimes 20/25 and more.

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